MPMD faculty

The faculty of your programme are highly qualified, bringing insights from both academia and industry experience.

Prof. Tilo Wendler, PhD / Programme Director

Professor Wendler co-directs the programme, contributing in his area of expertise: data science. Prof. Wendler earned his PhD from the University Klagenfurt, where he studied mathematics, physics and information technology. Prior to his professorship, he was responsible for data analyses processes in the banking sector with specific focus on rating methodologies and risk management.

Based on his expert knowledge in consolidating, managing and analysing data, Prof. Wendler provides you with practical and theoretically proofed knowledge. He has also published numerous books, among them, "Data Mining with SPSS Modeler: Theory, Exercises and Solutions", published by Springer.

Prof. Wendler is also vice president for Studies, Teaching and International Affairs at HTW Berlin.


Foundation of Data Analytics and Statistical Programming

Advanced Computational Data Analytics

Tilo Wendler

Prof. Michael Jaensch, PhD

Professor Jaensch provides his expertise in law to the MPMD programme. Having studied law in Passau and London, he was awarded his PhD by the Universität Bonn. Prior to his professorship, he was legal counsel in renowned law firms in Berlin, New York and Düsseldorf, practicing in the field of mergers and acquisitions. Based on his extensive international academic and practical experience, Prof. Jaensch provides you with a diversified legal module of great practical value.


Contract & International Business Law

Foto of Prof. Michael Jaensch

Prof. Jürgen Radel, PhD

Professor Radel earned his Master’s in Economic Pedagogy, Economic/Social History and Psychology at the Technical University of Aachen (RWTH), Germany. Afterwards he gained extensive experience in various fields of human resources (HR) in Germany and abroad, while completing his PhD (Dr phil) at the University of Bremen, alongside his day-to-day work in the industry. His most recent industry position is authorised representative (Prokurist) of a global logistics service provider.

He has also worked as a consultant and gained experience in entrepreneurial environments as well as with restructuring companies. Prof. Radel continually broadens his knowledge and has continued executive-level training at institutions like the London Business School, the Tavistock Institute London and INSEAD in France. While offering trainings to different international target groups, he is combining practical hands-on experience and theoretical frameworks – often with a case study approach, in which he has trained at the Case Centre, the IMD in Switzerland, INSEAD and Harvard Business Publishing at the Harvard Business School in Boston.

In 2013 he was appointed professor for human resources at the International School of Management (ISM) in Hamburg. In 2014 he was appointed professor of economics and human resources at the HTW Berlin.


Change Management and Leadership

Interpersonal Dynamics and Group Facilitation

Prof. Veit Wohlgemuth, PhD

Professor Wohlgemuth focuses on international business and accounting. His teaching gives you a solid foundation in financial and managerial accounting so you can apply quantitative analysis in business contexts. He has taught at the HTW Berlin since 2012, prior to which he taught at schools like the University of Auckland (New Zealand) and the Business School Potsdam. Professor Wohlgemuth gained management experience as the head of the inward-goods department at Lidl. He received his PhD from the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) and GGS Heilbronn.


Financial Reporting and Management Information Systems

Negotiation Techniques and Cross-Cultural Communication

Veit Wohlgemuth

Prof. Dr. / Kyiv National Economic Uni. Tetiana Paientko

Tetiana Paientko has more than twenty years of experience in the accounting, audit and finance field.

Last five years she worked as a forensic examiner in accounting and finance, helping to detect and prevent fraud. Since 2018 she is part of the TESIM team which supports implementation of the EU cross-border cooperation programs (ENI CBC and Interreg Next) in the member states and partner countries. She taught in Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman (Ukraine), State Tax University (Ukraine), Humboldt International University (USA), and Zigurat Global Institute of Technology (Spain).  Currently she is a professor at HTW-Berlin. Tetiana studied accounting and finance at Kyiv National Economic University (Ukraine). Her doctoral thesis focused on the income taxation problems in Ukraine. Her habilitation thesis is about regulation of financial flows.

Currently her research interests are corporate finance and financial markets development.


Financial Reporting and Management Information Systems


Prof. Tine Lehmann, PhD

Professor Lehmann focuses on organization and project management. Before joining HTW Berlin, she was a professor at the HAW Hamburg and has taught in international business programs at several Universities of Applied Sciences. Prior to her university career, she was leading economic development projects in Southeast Europe and South America in different industries. She combined this function with her Ph.D.-studies at the University of Passau on business networks and institutional development.


Master's thesis seminar

Dr. Barbara Geldermann

Dr. Barbara Geldermann, Managing Director of GBA Geldermann Business Analytics GmbH, holds the title of certified Foreign Trade Consultant awarded by the Federal Association for Foreign Trade (BWA Berlin). Her academic background encompasses Sinology, Oriental Art History, and Comparative Religious Studies, pursued in Bonn, Taipei (Taiwan), and Potsdam. With over 30 years of experience in China and with Chinese individuals, Barbara Geldermann possesses a deep expertise in the region.

Functioning as a Senior Consultant since 2010, she provides invaluable support to German and Asian enterprises in their business endeavors across East and Southeast Asia. Her spectrum of services includes consultancy, training, facilitation, and research. She extends her consultancy services to global clients spanning diverse industries such as banking, semiconductor manufacturing, chemistry, mechanical engineering, as well as ministries and academia. Between 2018 and 2021, she served as an International Consultant for the International Trade Center (ITC), a UN entity based in Geneva, Switzerland, where her focus was on various East African nations.

Barbara Geldermann's responsibilities extend to conducting training and coaching sessions both online and in-person, aimed at honing the leadership skills of professionals from Asian and German backgrounds. These training modules encompass topics such as intercultural communication, sensitization of expatriates and impatriates to intercultural nuances, conflict management, pathways to problem-solving, negotiation strategies, leadership within international teams, as well as virtual international teams.


Negotiation Techniques and Cross-Cultural Communication

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Dimo Kisyov

Dimo Kisyov is a seasoned management consultant with focus on agile project management and digital innovation. He has helped numerous international organisations to strategically leverage their data, improve their customer experience and streamline their operations by introducing flexible project management methods and technical solutions. Dimo holds a Master of Science (in Information Systems) from the Otto-Friedrich-University of Bamberg. He is a certified Scrum Master, Design Thinking practitioner and data analytics expert.


International Project Management II

Dr. Manfred Nolle

Dr Nolle studied electrical engineering and earned a doctorate at the Technical University of Karlsruhe, today Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). He has more than 30 years of experience in the aviation and defence industry at Northrop Grumman LITEF GmbH, a German subsidiary of the US Northrop Grumman Inc., dealing with computer systems as well as inertial reference and navigation systems. He started his carrier as project manager in a French / German helicopter programme. After working in sales and marketing and product management, he became responsible for customer-related orders and projects as director of programme management, and for the defence business as director of defence.

Dr Nolle has been passing on his knowledge on project management subjects as a university lecturer for more than 20 years. Further, he is a member of the GPM German Association for Project Management, and he works on a voluntary basis as co-leader in working groups like “Project Management in Aviation and Space”, “Digital Transformation”, “Agility in Project Management” and others.


International Project Management I

Foto von Dr-. Manfred Nolle

Dr. Stefan Kluckner

Stefan is heading an interdisciplinary R&D department in Siemens Mobility with focus on implementing end-to-end software solutions in the area of machine learning, computer vision and data analytics. In the roles of an expert, project or engineering manager he has more than 15 years of experience in turning early-stage proof of concepts into innovative products by bringing together academic and industrial communities. His interests include topics like digitalization, agile methods, industrial innovation, user experience, and many more. Stefan holds a PhD and MSc from Graz, University of Technology.


Project Management and Data Analytics Lab

Dr. Guido Möser

Dr. Möser, data science generalist and managing director of the Masem Research Institute GmbH based in Wiesbaden, specialises in the implementation of data science projects in industry, health care and service industries.


Advanced Data Mining Techniques, Databases and Big Data

Henryk Orantek

Henryk Orantek studied industrial engineering in Berlin, working as a manager in the industrial and IT sectors before founding his own consultancy for Cyber- and IT-security. Orantek is a Certified Information and Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Security Officer (ISO/IEC 27001) and Certified Agile Project Manager (AgilePM/DSDM). He takes a holistic view of IT security, taking into account not only technical solutions, but also protection through organisational measures.


Practical Data Governance, Data Security and Regulatory Compliance

Thilo Hofmeister

Thilo Hofmeister studied Economics and Business Analytics whilst working for an artificial intelligence driven start-up. Due to his early exposure to the Start-up cosmos he funded his own consultancy for Artificial Intelligence with a focus on scalable cloud-based solutions for early stage start-ups. He accompanied projects from varying topics e.g. computer vision, natural language processing throughout the whole project life cycle, from hiring data labeling workforce to model deployment and monitoring. Thilo Hofmeister is AWS Certified Developer Associate and has received the EXIST Business Start-Up Grant by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.


Emerging Technologies and Artificial Intelligence

Dr Simon Fokt, PhD

Dr Fokt completed his PhD in Philosophy at the University of St. Andrews, UK. He worked at the University of Leeds, where he developed online Master’s programmes in Medical Ethics, and Applied and Professional Ethics; as well as the University of Edinburgh, where he was involved in the production of a Master’s in Epistemology, Ethics and Mind, and such popular MOOCs as Introduction to Philosophy (Coursera) and Data Ethics, AI and Responsible Innovation (EdX). His research focuses on applied ethics, issues in equality and diversity, as well as philosophy of art and aesthetics.

Dr Fokt is a director of TELdesign Limited, a company specialising in the creation of online learning materials. In that capacity, he worked with educational institutions such as King’s College London and the University of Law, as well as businesses such as Audi, Lidl and Deutsche Bahn. He founded and continues to manage the Diversity Reading List in Philosophy – a popular resource promoting greater equality and diversity in the academia, popularising the work created by researchers from under-represented groups, and helping students learn about topics reaching beyond the canon.

Ralf Stenger

Ralf Stenger, director at BearingPoint, is responsible for strategy and business consulting with focus on innovations in the transportation sector. After having completed his university degree in industrial engineering at TU Berlin, he started his carrier with KPMG Consulting, where he was in charge of strategic sourcing. He gained strong experiences in organisational design, overhead cost reduction programmes and post-merger integration of large organisations. Stenger has a broad range of industry expertise and has worked with clients like Volkswagen, Bayer and the German Ministry of Defence. Currently he focuses on strategic digitalisation initiatives in the rail sector with clients like Deutsche Bahn, SBB or Irish Rail. In his role as director he has conducted and published manifold surveys and studies in the area of supply chain management.

As a lecturer for many years at HTW Berlin, Stenger provides methods and practice from the consultancy – giving you insight into the client management decision process.


Technology Management in Practice

Porträtbild Ralf Stenger

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