Project Management and Data Analytics Lab

Project Management and Data Analytics Lab

Duration1 semester
State of the moduleCompulsory module
Hours of compulsory in credit hours2
Learning outcome/ competencies

Effective tools are an absolute necessity in the domain of data analysis—as much for the project management aspect as for the preparation and execution of data analysis itself. The results generated need to be processed and communicated with regard to specific target audiences.

Over the course of this module, you will apply your existing knowledge base in project management to solve practical problems, as well as use the appropriate data analysis tools at your disposal.

You will be able to select multiple core themes from various specialist areas and master the fundamentals of these core themes in groups. During an introductory session, you will get to grips with the subject-specific, organizational and technical requirements of the project task—as well as its over-arching aims and objectives.

You will undertake a substantial amount of project work and data analysis on your own. The lecturer will be ready to assist with the interpretation of results and planning of further measures during the project sessions. There will be a detailed discussion of a results presentation so that you acquire competency in conveying the results of your work to specific target audiences.

Upon successful completion of the module, you will be able to selectively choose and deploy the various techniques of project management and data analysis—and present the results of your work to various target audiences. Furthermore, you will gain detailed knowledge of various software tools at your disposal. 

Necessary requirements




    Recommended requirements
    • MPMD 2.1 International Project Management II
    • MPMD 2.2 Advanced Computational Data Analytics
    Method of examination
    (applicable are §§ 9-14 RStPO)   
    • presentation: 20%
    • assignment: 80%