Negotiation Techniques and Cross-Cultural Communication

Duration1 semester
State of the moduleElective module
Hours of compulsory in credit hours4
Learning outcome/ competencies

Communication plays a central role in almost all parts of business. Often participants from different cultural backgrounds engage in negotiations.

This module is designed to get you well acquainted with the basics of different communication models as well as with conflict and negotiation management. The main negotiation strategies are highlighted and applied in practice. The course investigates the central models of intercultural differences and the resulting potential challenges for intercultural communication are explained.

After completing the module, you will be able to identify conflicts and apply various communication and discussion techniques for their resolution. Intercultural aspects are also taken into consideration here. You will acquire the skills to independently plan and facilitate negotiations.

Necessary requirementsNone
Recommended requirements

Method of examination
(applicable are §§ 9-14 RStPO)   

Assignment and Negotiation Simulation (role-play):

  • Assignment 50%
  • Negotiation Simulation 50%