Master thesis topics of programme graduates

Selected topics of successfully completed Master thesis

Semester Name  First Name Topic
SS 18 Arora Anish Improved credit risk scorecard through Logistic Regression specific binning techniques
  Banjar Bedour The Role of Personal characteristics for Project Managers on the Project Success in Saudi Arabia Companies
  Bhardwaj Arun Kumar Analysis of Text Analytics Algorithms to develop a Smart Search Engine
  Bharti Ved Prakash Recommendation system and its application
  Espitia Garcia Monica Andrea Headcount Predictive Modelling of a Business Line in the Automotive Sector
  Hoyos Jose Mauricio Innovation in Project Management. How to encourage a project team to become more innovative.
  Kumaran Arun Theory and application of an Auto-Suggest engine based on a Hybrid recommendation systems
  Meneses Barroso Sandra Yojana A multilingual classifier of proficiency level through deep learning
  Pareek Tanu Shree Decision support tool for the management of severe trauma
  Penugonda Lakshmi Priyanka Best Practices in Business Intelligence System  - An Example Driven Analysis - 
  Sassikumar Vishnu Vijay Can Agile be Adopted to the Challenges of IIoT? 
  Shahjahan Md Developing Project Management Method for Blockchain Implementation in Supply Chain
WS 18/19 Chalermphao Siraprapa Comparison of Communication Patterns in Projects
  Davis Delvin Sentimental analysis of Android playstore customer reviews meta-data using text mining
  Dhiman Anubhav Customer Lifetime Value prediction for Flaconi GmbH
  Gopal Premkumar Sharvesh Buzz Analysis Of Online Gaming Campaigns for different Social Media Channels Using Text Mining
  Irkin Onurhan Customer Segmentation with Unsupervised Learning
  Kamble Vinal Ramesh Dealing with imbalanced datasets - an overview of approaches and methods
  Mendoza Jaime Analyzing Music Preferences - Theory and Practice of modeling consumer behavior
  Mudlapur Karthik Identification of Mechanical Components During Inspection Using Computer Vision With Deep Neural Networks
  Narkar Sourabh Sudhir Scraping the web for trending innovations using text mining techniques in Manufacturing Industry
SS 19 Bondar Rinku Santram Implementing a chat bot for customer service based on data mining
  Cardenas Velasquez Carlos Guillermo Added business value by implementing Chat-bots - Statistical details, Best Practices and Proof of Concept
  De la Cruz David Predicting the return of a SKU analysis on the factors behind returns
  Liu Ching-Ju Machine Translation into English from Variable Numbers of Keyframes of American Sign Language Videos
  Malela Charan Teja Building a recommender engine with respect to customer sementation - A proof of concept for OBETA
  Nangia Abhinav Entity matching with methods for NLP on a data stock containing mainly patent and research funding information
  Nguyen Huyen Trang Theory and Practice of Algorithms to deal with imbalanced datasets
  Raghav Raghav Imbalanced Data in Data Mining - Theory and best practices in statistical Modelling
  Ramachandra Madhuri Real Time Social Media Analysis using Machine Learning Techniques
  Sharma Nakul Intelligent Matchmaking In Insurtech Domain
WS 19/20 Arias Trejos Ana Maria Clustering customer journeys
Borja Marcial Boris Gabriel Risk Assessment of the Hello Fresh Upstream Supply Chain in Germany
Dobariya Bhumika Nareshbhai Building and evaluating a movie recommender engine
El-Zayat Mostafa Mohamed Mostafa Abdelmeged Modeling Deep Machine learning in Business Intelligence for Fintech Industry
Kattimani Siddaling Gurupad Data Warehousing to Enable and Optimize an Omnichannel Food Platform
Koleszar Robert Cunningham Theoretical Approaches to Alphanumeric MID-Matching in the Financial Industry
Linganna Bhavya The benefits of Scrum methodology in non-profit-projects
Mohammad Faharideen Awal Does naive diversification outperform modern portfolio theory? An empirical investigation.
Nahar Prasanna Popatlal Multi Lingual Sentiment Analysis to Improve Customer Experience
Niederdellmann Robin Business Application of Artificial Intelligence: Statistical Details and proof of concept of Hybrid Recommender Systems
Park Hyun Hee Predictive model for forecasting demand focussing on marketing-related factors - Case study
Rohilla Mohit Business Intelligence - Theoretical Findings and Best Practices
Scheibe Felix Nikolaus The Rise of Python and Qlik Sense in Data Science: Prospects and Limitations - Two case studies from the aviation industry
Shen Ting Time series forecasting with statistical, data mining and machine learning techniques
Tai Chun-Han Evaluation of a Big Data Streaming Pipeline Solution: A Case of Data Transmission in Apache Kafka
Xie Jeng Shu-Jen Empirical analysis of stock market reactions to the announcement of female top executives
SS 20 Chen Shih-Yi Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis: an unsupervised approach to expand Sentiment Lexicon
Costa Cordova Andres An analysis on the shifting patterns from ownership to subscription economy
Dixit Anuj Uday Business Intelligence: A case study - Theoretical findings and best practices
Grover Parul Cancer prediction using Data Mining
He Xia Theory and application of Sentiment analysis of Amazon reviews using machine learning and transfer learning - An empirical case study
Im Aelee Development of forecasting model to identify emerging business topic via text mining approach using patent data
Patruni Sunghill Identification of structures through Process Mining
Pundir Neetu Building a Recommendation Engine - In empirical case study
Roldan Solano Laura Patricia Conversion prediction - Theory and proof of concept of customer behavior in online freight forwarding
Sahni Aashish Comparison of data mining approaches on local and cloud services
Samuel Roshan Applying supervised machine learning techniques to predict user supscription pattern in bank tele-marketing
Shafiq Muhammad Haris

Evaluation of Deep Learning architectures for defect detection in laser welding applications


WS 20/21 Exner Susanne Carina Data Warehouse Projects in Practice Exploring Divergence from Theoretical Concepts
Jesani Hardik Discriminating similar languages(DSL) using Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Kannan Janani Process Mining - A Theoretical & Emprical Approach
Mun Hyemi Natural Language Processing - An empirical case study, Topic modeling
Nguyen Thi Ha Linh Customer segmentation using RFM approach and unsupervised learning method – Theory and Case study
Ruiz Montanez Andrés Implementaton of Machine Learning Projects in the Business Environment
An Empirical Case Study About Organizational Readiness
Spencer Damian Harris Agile and Scrum - An Empirical Study of the Feasibility of Story Points
Taan Esther Ruth Sentiment Analysis of Amazon Product Reviews - an Empirical case study
Uray Aydogan Damla Fraud Detection Using Data Mining Techniques - An Empirical Case Study
SS 21 Albarazi Ayah Detecting Fake Profiles on Social Networks using NLP and Machine Learning
Binani Pratika Inferring the effect of Off-line advertising campaigns using Causal Impact
David Wahrendorff Camila A review and case study examining the literature and data science methodologies for the detection and propa-gation of fake news in digital media.
Jaafar Farah Building a supervised machine learning predictive model in detecting fraudulent merchants based on payment history
Jadon Ashish Application of Machine Learning to Process Data for an Operator Assistance System
King Catherine The Application of Prescriptive Models in COVID-19 Lockdown Decisions
Kumar Kishlay Predicting Customer behaviour in a quick commerce company
Malik Vipul Multiclass Classification of Manufacturer Parts in the Industrial Aftermarket
Nandakumar Nivya Predicting and analysing customer behaviour for a subscription-based e-commerce company.
Poboon Pawin The use of machine learning to predict a company's earnings
Sandoval Jose Alejandro Positive and negative economic impact during the Covid-19 crisis: A quantative comparison of digital businesses and traditional businesses
Sariputi Hima Bindu Customer Segmentation - How to anticipate the future market potential of the industry/Market based on existing customer purchasing patterns by usng customer segmentation
Sawant Sharvari Customer segmentationUsing unsupervised machine learning algorithms to perform customer segmentation which identifies the target customers
Schloo Bianca Data centricity: A framework approach to assess the value of data for companies
Xu Wenzhang A sentiment analysis of Amazon datasets and its application
Yolagel Sitki Ender Building A Recommender System on Knowledge Graphs with Neural Networks - A Proof of Concept for Deutsche Telekom
WS 21/22 Gumma Nandhinee Sankara Creating an enhanced predictive model for listing prices in residential real estate market using transaction data
Nandkumar Sharan Optimizing order to delivered time
Ladhwe Shantanu Productionalizing BERT based Financial FAQ chatbot using transfer learning powered by cloud ML-Ops
Lin Yi-Hsuan A recommender system for analytical assets: MVP for SAP Enterprise Analytics Store
Sharma Yagya Dutt Image classification - A proof of concept to categorize clothing images
Iglesias Gonzalez Jose Alejandro Building a Recommender Engine - Cooperation with OBETA
Ngo Thu Trang Applications of Machine Learning in Online Shopping Purchasing Intention
Iyiola Abayomi Implemention of Predictive Customer Analytics on Historic Data to Determine New Potential Investors ( Case Study: Moonfare GmbH)
Kasymova Madinakhon Generating Natural Language Descriptions of Image Content using Neural Networks
SoSe 22 Behzad Pandi Image recognition with deep learning techniques
Ken Nagata Sentiment Analysis for Amazon Product Reviews using Machine Learning Algorithms: Theory and an Empirical Case Study
Florian Dewes Building a State-of-the-Art Deep Learning German-Language Information Extraction System
Luis Enrique Lopez Toledo Building a product recommendation engine for a retail sector company using Azure cloud services
Karen Lorena Nino Pedraza Breaking down time series applying advanced data mining techniques: An empirical case on the music industry
Jorge Oswaldo Flores Breaking down time series applying advanced data mining techniques: An empirical case on the music industry
Surbhi Sharma Building Recommendation Systems
Anushruti Deshpande Identifying relevant features and its impact on the price of real estate using data mining
Aakash Bhatia Stock Transfer Analysis and Trend Predictions - An empirical study
Vishal Yadav Identifying customer preferences and support businesses using product recommender engines
Trishala Basti Image Classification using Deep Learning techniques
Vinothkumar Dhandapani NLP Sentiment Analysis on Amazon reviews
Riwaj Kharel Machine learning approach to detect fraudulent banking transactions
Satakshi Sunam Applying data mining techniques to build a Recommender Engine on an empirical dataset
Kartavya Khanna Predictive Forecasting and analysis to improve Waste Management for the Fresh foods segment in Quick-Commerce for Getir GmbH.
WS 22/23 Arik Märker Extract, transformation and load of production data to create an interactive dashboard for part traceabiltity, system status and Key-Performance-Indicators
Fatimah Abdul Razak Cost Change Prediction and Analysis using Data Mining Techniques in the Home Goods Market
Ferdinand Schwarz Artificial Intelligence in pain recognition: Developing and investigating deep learning models for automated pain assessment
Muhammad Yousaf Sentiment Analyses for Amazon review
Ya-Ting Tsai Customer segmentation using Machine Learning - A empirial case study in the E-commerce sector
Majd Elshobockshy Categorizing customer feedback using sentiment analysis - Theory and application
Rania Aboueid Project management and organizational change management alignment, how and why?
SoSe 23 Dan Khoa Le A Comparartive Study of Fusion Techniques in Multimodal Deep Learning for Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Response Prediction in Breast Cancer Patients Using MRI and Clinical Data
Ugur Aras Direkoglu Building & Evaluating a Recommendation System with Neural Networks based on Purchase Data with Implicit Feedback
Michael Meng The Impact of gender Bias in Generative AI
Hina Tanvir A Framework for Analysis of Cervical Cytology Cells to Automate Cancer Screening
Francisco Lynch The regulation of generative AI: Analyzing existing and proposed regulatory approaches for generative AI,  and considering their effectiveness in promoting ethical and legal standards for corporate responsibility and accountability
Nirvaan Hurry Theory and Application of Recommender Engines – An empirical case study
Ekin Pomay Polat A sentiment analysis of Amazon review datasets and its applications
Prasad Anil More Keyword Extraction for Sentiment Analysis to characterize the Customer Opinions from Restaurant Review
Chayanon Laowiwat Improving the causal estimates on Audible Double Machine Learning model for long term value to make better decisions
My Tran Applying Predictive Sentiment Analysis and Topic Modeling for Social Media Comments to Improve Retailers' Online Presence
Himanshu Shrirang
Analyzing consumer impressions in Ecommerce data through feature extraction and sentiment analysis using deep learning
Pablo Isaac Orrico Cousin Customer Segmentation Using Unsupervised Machine Learning Methods and RFM Model - Theory and Case Study
Lahiru Hakmana Pathiranage Unsupervised learning approach for short text clustering
Zeyu Song Using Data Science Techniques Topic Modeling and Sentiment Analysis to Understand the Changes in Social Values in the Context of COVID-19 Pandemic
Himansha Gupta Determing Representatives of Geometry Clusters for Sheet Metal Processing