Emerging Technologies and Artificial Intelligence

Emerging Technologies and Artificial Intelligence

Duration1 semester
State of the moduleCompulsory module
Hours of compulsory in credit hours3
Learning outcome/ competencies

Students are able to:

  • identify the properties of emerging technologies
  • explain the life cycle phases of such technologies in detail
  • name success factors and risks and explain their effects and
  • explain and evaluate various evaluation approaches of leading consulting firms.

Students are able to explain the close connection between technical solutions and the resulting economic mechanisms. They can name solutions for justifiable require-ments to be fulfilled as well as measures for the introduction and operation of e.g. cloud-based data analysis.
The students can provide an overview of the most important trends and emerging technologies in the next five years and give details about each technology.
The area of artificial intelligence will be examined as an example of emerging tech-nologies. The students are able to name and explain basic methods of knowledge representation, learning and decision making.

AI techniques for
- Neural networks
- Natural Language Processing and/or
- Robotics
are used with the help of cloud or software solutions such as MATLAB and/or current programming languages such as Python to implement solutions for real problems.

After completing this module, students will have sound knowledge of modern tech-nologies and their applications.

Necessary requirementsNone
Recommended requirements
  • MPMD 1.2 Foundations of Data Analytics and Statistical Programming
  • MPMD 2.2 Advanced Computational Data Analytics
Method of examination
(applicable are §§ 9-14 RStPO)   
  • assignment