Contract & International Business Law

Duration1 semester
State of the moduleCompulsory module
Hours of compulsory in credit hours4
Learning outcome/ competencies

In this module, projects are placed within a legal framework using contracts, in order to specify the duties and responsibilities of the participants. Precise contracts determine the tasks and obligations of the parties before the project begins and thus define the expectations the parties have of each other. This reduces the risk of any legal proceedings, and in the event of any such proceedings, the positions of the parties are transparently structured and the liability shared should any such risk arise.

This module introduces you to contract law and to the various options of drafting a contract. Since contract law varies from country to country, the basic principles of German contract law will be compared with Anglo-American law (Common Law). In addition, students will learn which law applies to contracts agreed in an international context.

In order that students become adept at orienting themselves within the extensive area of contracts, they will analyze the structure of contracts and discuss typical contract clauses. They will be given guidance (Best Practice) so that they can prepare their own draft agreements and receive instructions on how an existing contract or draft agreement can be enhanced.

In this module you will learn the basics of drafting a contract within an international environment. You will then be able to analyze the risk of liability inherent in a project and of providing contractual protection against such a risk.

Necessary requirementsNone
Recommended requirementsNone
Method of examination
(applicable are §§ 9-14 RStPO)   

Written examination (120 minutes) and Assignment:

  • Examination 60%
  • Assignment 40%
  • Successful completion of the exercises and quizzes in Moodle is mandatory in order to be allowed to write the exam.