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Annett Debarry / Programme Coordinator

Annett Debarry is the programme coordinator and is responsible for all organisational aspects of the study programme. Annett was born and raised near Berlin and lives in the suburbs of Berlin. She studied International Technical Communications at HS Magdeburg - Stendal and is working for HTW Berlin since 2014. Annett completed a distance learning Master's degree in translation at ISTRAD (Instituto Traducción). After her maternal leave in 2019 she joined the Programme Management of MPMD.

When not spending her time at the playground or zoo with her son and husband, Annett enjoys to read, watching Trash-TV and going to the open-air cinema in Berlin Friedrichshagen.


Foto von Annett Debarry

Sylke Sedelies / Project Manager eMPMD

Sylke Sedelies is responsible for the Online Campus of the MPMD study programme. She has worked in the field of adult education for 20 years, with a special interest in eLearning.

Sylke moved to Berlin to study back in 1988, saw the wall come down in 1989, went to Canada for a year at McMaster University in 1990 and has been interested in eLearning and further education ever since. Sylke joined the HTW Berlin and MPMD study programme in 2016. She lives in Berlin with her husband and two kids and tries to go canoeing in the lake regions around Berlin at least once or twice each year.


Foto von Sylke Sedelies, copyright Sylke Sedelies

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