Practical Data Governance, Data Security, and Regulatory Compliance

Practical Data Governance, Data Security, and Regulatory Compliance

Duration1 semester
State of the moduleCompulsory module
Hours of compulsory in credit hours4
Learning outcome/ competencies

Deployed effectively, data analysis tools can provide a company with a competitive advantage in international markets. Lately, new opportunities opened up through advancements in technology and algorithms.

In this module, you will examine and discuss the ethical framework required for the successful collection and analysis of data. After you have expanded your knowledge of the legal, organizational and technological aspects of data governance, you will apply these in a practical case study.

Decisive prerequisites for the implementation of data governance within a company are targeted anonymization as well as the protection of data sets from unauthorized access. The former also ensures that a company’s value-creation is only  affected slightly. In the second part of the module, you will get to grips with tools for data-set anonymization through the use of real-world examples. You will get the opportunity to apply the new techniques in a computer-based case study. Additionally, you will gain insight into the requirements of data security and its implementation in the day-to-day operations of a business. You will get the chance to apply the knowledge gained in a practical, real-world case.

At the end of this module, you will understand data anonymising methods and can handle their targeted implementation based on examples. In addition, they are familiar with the requirements for implementing various levels of data security and can both explain these and develop proposals for their implementation in companies.

Necessary requirementsNone
Recommended requirements
  • MPMD 1.1 International Project Management I
  • MPMD 1.2 Foundations of Data Analytics
  • MPMD 2.1 Innovation and Project Management II
  • MPMD 2.2 Advanced Computational Data Analytics 


Method of examination
(applicable are §§ 9-14 RStPO)   

  • Assignment 100 %