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Prof. Tilo Wendler, PhD / Programme Director

Professor Wendler is one of the managers of the programme and contributes to the data science dimension. He studied mathematics, physics and information technology and awarded his PhD by the University Klagenfurt. Prior to his professorship, he was responsible for data analyses processes in the banking sector with specific focus on rating methodologies and risk management. Based on his expert knowledge in consolidating, managing as well as analysing data, Professor Wendler provides the students practical relevant and theoretically proofed knowledge. He also wrote many books, e.g. "Data Mining with SPSS Modeler: Theory, Exercises and Solutions" published by Springer. See details.

Advanced Computational Data Analytics
Advanced Data Mining Techniques, Databases and Big Data
Project Management and Data Analytics Lab

Tilo Wendler

Prof. Ilona Weinreich, PhD / Programme Director

Professor Weinreich is one of the managers of the programme and contributes to the statistical dimension.


Foundation of Data Analytics and Statistical Programming

Ilona Weinreich

Prof. Wladimir Bodrow, PhD

Professor Bodrow is an expert in development and implementation of various kinds of innovative IT systems. His background is the realization of intelligent applications for business based on different innovative approaches and technologies. Before his professorship at the University of Applied Sciences he worked as project manager in various industry projects for energy companies. His research covers many areas related to knowledge based solutions – among others he work in the field of knowledge management, with all its facets, intelligent agents, data mining, neural networks, fuzzy logic, and genetic algorithms. Professor Bodrow published several books and more than 100 research papers.

Advanced Data Mining Techniques, Databases and Big Data

Marcel Dux

Marcel Dux is eLearning specialist.

See entire study programme.

Marcel Dux

Prof. Michael Jaensch, PhD

Professor Jaensch contributes to the legal dimension of the programme. Having studied law in Passau and London, he was awarded his PhD by the Universität Bonn. Prior to his professorship in 2001, he was legal counsel in renowned law firms in Berlin, New York and Düsseldorf practicing in the field of merger and acquisition. Based on his extensive academic and practical international experience, Professor Jaensch provides MPMD students with a diversified legal module ensuring a quite remarkable practical value.

Contract & International Business Law

Michael Jaensch

Prof. Tine Lehmann, PhD

Professor Lehmann focuses on organization and project management. Before joining HTW Berlin, she was a professor at the HAW Hamburg and has taught in international business programs at several Universities of Applied Sciences. Prior to her university career, she was leading economic development projects in Southeast Europe and South America in different industries. She combined this function with her Ph.D.-studies at the University of Passau on business networks and institutional development.

International Project Management I
International Project Management II

Prof. Jürgen Radel, PhD

Juergen Radel earned his M.A. in economic pedagogy, economic/social history and psychology at the Technical University of Aachen (RWTH), Germany. Afterwards he gained extensive experience in various fields of human resources (HR) in Germany and aboard, while completing his PhD (Dr. phil) at the University of Bremen, alongside his day-to-day work in the industry. His last position had been authorized representative (Prokurist) of a global logistics service provider.

He also worked as a consultant and gained experience in growing environments as well as with restructuring companies. Juergen continually tried to broaden his knowledge and continued his own executive education in institutions like the London Business School, the Tavistock Institute London and INSEAD in France. While offering trainings to different international target groups he is combining practical hands-on experience and theoretical frameworks - often with a case study approach, in which he had been trained by the Case Centre, at the IMD in Switzerland and INSEAD and by Harvard Business Publishing, at the Harvard Business School in Boston.

In 2013 he was appointed Professor for Human Resources at the International School of Management (ISM) in Hamburg. In 2014 he was appointed Professor of Economics and Human Resources at the HTW Berlin.

Change Management and Leadership
Group Facilitation

Prof. Veit Wohlgemuth, PhD

Professor Wohlgemuth focuses on international business and accounting. He ensures that the students gain a solid foundation in financial and managerial accounting to familiarize them with a core field for the application of quantitative analysis in business contexts. He teaches at the HTW Berlin since 2012. Prior to his employment at HTW he taught among others at the University of Auckland (New Zealand) and the Business School Potsdam. Professor Wohlgemuth gained management experience as the head of the inward-goods department at Lidl. He received his PhD from the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) and the GGS Heilbronn.

Financial Reporting and Management Information Systems
Practical Data Governance, Data Security, and Regulatory Compliance
Negotiation Techniques and Cross-Cultural Communication

Veit Wohlgemuth